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Should Your Content Marketing Preach to the Choir?

on September 13, 2012

Done right, content marketing grows your audience beyond people who already get the point and buy your product or service. With content marketing, you can preach to those who aren’t yet ardent voices of your choir.

Should your content marketing preach to the choir?

Yet there is value in taking time, every now and then, to preach to the choir. I write about this now because of a recent conversation with a fellow content marketer. I was spouting off ideas of blogs where he could distribute content. When I brought up a popular, well-read blog in his industry, he objected, saying publishing there would be too much “preaching to the choir.” The people who read that blog, he argued, aren’t buyers. They’re other vendors, or companies who are already working with another vendor.

In the real-life conversation, I conceded his point without pushing back. But since we talked, I’ve been thinking about how preaching to the choir is actually a very important part of content marketing.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The preacher leads the choir. Sure, leading the choir doesn’t mean you’re selling to the choir, but having a position of leadership within your field is extremely valuable, largely because of points two and three below.
  2. The choir validates the preacher. Publishing your content in a well-respected blog gives you credibility, if not direct leads. Impress prospects by sending them a link to the published content.
  3. The choir echoes the preacher. These days, each member of the choir has a choir of his or her own—a personal blog, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections. When the choir shares your content, you are reaching an audience it would be hard reach on your own.
  4. There may be buyers in the choir. Sure, the choir gets it, but maybe they don’t have the resources to fix the problem your approach solves in-house. Bingo, there could be buyers in the choir—or at least people who may refer business your way.
  5. Google loves the choir. Leading blogs post a ton of dynamic content, and if you’re truly preaching to the choir, that content will be jam-packed with your target keywords. Links to your site from a blog like this will be SEO gold. That means even if there are no buyers in the choir, preaching to the choir could help buyers find you.

So did I convince you? Does your content marketing preach to the choir?  What results have you seen?

Post a comment below and let me know!

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