Tracy C. Gold


Tracy’s Horse Laundry

Hi! This page is only for folks at TMF (or others I have directly talked to). I’m not set up for a high volume.

You can leave your blanket/saddle pads in or on top of the “dirty blankets bin” in the tack room attached to the big barn (turn right when you enter and look in the back corner). Please grab a purple band, write your name on it, and attach it to your blanket/pad (or make sure your name is on your pad in sharpie if there’s nowhere to attach it).

When laundry is clean, I’ll put them in that tack room in a bin labeled “clean” and email/text you.

Here are the services I offer, paid upfront via the Freshbooks links below to limit my bookkeeping work. I may need a 2-3 week turnaround when things get busy, so let me know if you need yours in a hurry. If you’re not happy with my work, I’ll either make it right or refund your money. You know where to find me!

***Note that I tighten straps to avoid tangles in the laundry machine. Check the fit of your blankets before leaving them on your horse after washing.

Turnout blanket wash only with Nikwax RugWash: $25

Turnout blanket wash and waterproof with NikWax RugWash, vinegar to deodorize, and NikWax RugProof–I normally do this every other wash for newer blankets or every wash for older blankets: $55

Stable blanket/cooler wash with normal detergent and vinegar for smell if needed. NON WATERPROOF blankets only: $15

Load of saddle pads (2-4 pads per load depending on size): $15

Extra dirty stuff fee, by the honor system–for a ton of caked on mud or anything that may need extra washes/scrubbing: $10 extra

Everything will be air dried. I will hang blankets outside if the weather permits to help with the smell.

I do not do repairs, and check with me first if your blanket is super large/heavy. Check with Kathey Payne on repairs!