Tracy C. Gold


Tracy’s Horse Laundry

Please email me at tracycgold@gmail.com to arrange drop-off/pickup at Tranquility Manor Farms in Monkton or another spot where I regularly go.

For TMF boarders/students: You can leave your blanket/saddle pads in the tack room attached to the big barn. Turn right when you enter and look in the back corner. There is a wooden tack locker with my name on it. Next to that is a bin for dirty blankets. In the bin, there are wristbands and sharpies. Use a wristband to write your name and what you’d like done (wash/waterproof) on each blanket. I will email or text you with any questions and when your blanket(s) are ready.

Here are the services I offer, paid via the Freshbooks links below, Tracy-Gold-1 on Venmo, or tracycgold@gmail.com on PayPal. If you need multiple of the same services you can fill out the form at the link twice or pay a different way. Please pay before picking up.

I may need a 2-3 week turnaround when things get busy, so let me know if you need yours in a hurry. If you’re not happy with my work, I’ll either make it right or refund your money.

***Note that I may tighten straps to avoid tangles in the laundry machine. Check the fit of your blankets before leaving them on your horse after washing.

***Please check with me first if your blanket is over size 80 and heavyweight; it may not fit in my machine. Anything smaller than that is fine!

Turnout blanket wash only with Nikwax RugWash: $20

Turnout blanket wash and waterproof with NikWax RugWash, vinegar to deodorize, and NikWax RugProof–I normally do this every other wash for newer blankets or every wash for older blankets: $45

*If you want I can check the blankets for you after I wash them and see if I think they need waterproofing. Please let me know if you want me to do this. Water should bead on top of the blanket and not sink in.

Stable blanket/cooler wash with normal detergent and vinegar for smell if needed. NON WATERPROOF blankets only: $15

Load of saddle pads (2-4 pads per load depending on size): $15

Extra dirty stuff fee, by the honor system–for a ton of caked on mud or anything that may need extra washes/scrubbing: $10 extra

Want to keep a storage bin? For all but the biggest blankets, I use deep sweater bins from the Container Store. They cost me $15 and that’s all I ask for them. Here’s a checkout link.

Everything will be air dried. I will hang blankets outside if the weather permits to help with the smell.

I do not do repairs, but can connect you with Kathey Payne who will do repairs with pickup/dropoff at Tranquility.