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“Trick or Treat, Bugs to Eat”

"Trick or Treat, Bugs to Eat": Halloween book by Tracy C. Gold

“Trick or Treat, Bugs to Eat,” a book about a bat trick or treating for bugs, was published by Sourcebooks eXplore in August 2021 and is illustrated by Nancy Leschnikoff. This Halloween book is great for kids up to age 8 to celebrate Halloween and learn about bats.

Grab it from my local bookstore in Baltimore, The Ivy Bookshop, or from your local bookstore (your best bet is to call or order online).

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“Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby”

Everyone's Sleepy but the Baby, baby shower gift book

“Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby,” a board book about a baby who just won’t fall asleep, was published by Familius in April 2021 and is illustrated by Adele Dafflon. This short and sweet story makes an excellent baby shower gift book. It makes a great book for before bedtime or a nap. 

Sleepy Mommy,
Sleepy Daddy,
Sleepy little dog.
Everyone’s sleepy
But the baby,
Yawn, yawn, yawn.

After a long day, the whole family is ready to hit the hay . . . except for the baby. Why is it so hard to get the baby to sleep? With hilarious illustrations that might hit a little too close to home for new parents, Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby is the perfect, true-to-life bedtime story that will help even the most reluctant sleeper wind down for bed.

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Grab it from one of my local bookstores in Baltimore, The Ivy Bookshop, or from your local bookstore (your best bet is to call or order online).



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If you are a book reviewer, book seller, or librarian, both books are available for request on Edelweiss!

Praise for “Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby”

“My new favorite bedtime read, EVERYBODY’S SLEEPY BUT THE BABY has it all: pleasant rhyme and rhythm, cute illustrations, a plot every parent can relate to, and most important at bedtime, brevity! I smiled the whole way through.”
Amanda Rawson Hill, author of “You’ll Find Me”

“With the gentle, rhythmic cadence of classics like Goodnight Moon and fun art featuring frazzled parents, Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby is perfect for the modern (sleepy) parent to lull their little one at bedtime.”
June Smalls, author of She Leads: The Elephant Matriarch

“It’s a scene familiar to any exhausted parent: everyone is drowsy, sleepy, ready to hit the hay—except the baby, who is wide awake! As the parents, the dog, and even the toys wind down for the night, the baby wants to play, scrub-a-dub, and coo. Gold’s gentle, rhythmic text and Dafflon’s bright and lively illustrations combine for a perfect bedtime read for sleepy parents and (eventually) sleepy babies. Bonus: it’s just the right length for that ‘one last bedtime story’ that sets the mood for sleep. I am looking forward to adding it to my go-to baby shower gift list.”
Kathy MacMillan, children’s librarian and author of Nita’s First Signs and Nita’s Day

Call Your Mother

“Call Your Mother” celebrates all the moments when kids rely on their mothers, from infancy to when they are parents themselves. This book is inspired by my own changing relationship with my mother when I became a parent. It will be published by Familius in 2023. The illustrator is to-be-determined.

Hide and Seek, Nuts to Eat

A sequel of sorts to “Trick or Treat, Bugs to Eat,” “Hide and Seek, Nuts to Eat” follows a squirrel who decides that this year, she will share her winter stash of nuts with her friends. Readers will learn about what squirrels eat, and how their seed caching behavior helps forests grow. Plus, all the antics you’d expect from a squirrel, like outsmarting dogs! This book will be published by Sourcebooks in 2023 and will be illustrated by Nancy Leschnikoff.

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