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Seeking Marketer and Writer for Paid Internship

on July 24, 2012

Welp, when I last posted on this blog, I said I’d be writing here more often. Now’s when you can slap my virtual wrist, because it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted.

Luckily, there’s a great reason for the crickets: I’ve been super busy with new clients (ok, and sailing around the British Virgin Islands and hiking up Mt. Adams).

I’m writing now because I’d love to find a bright, independent intern to learn the new media marketing ropes and help me do more in a day. Please spread this post along to anyone you know who would be interested in the below job description.

The overview:

If you work with me, you’ll be helping to grow businesses and organizations with awesome social media and content marketing. Disclaimer: this will not be a traditional internship. The hours I can give you will vary week to week, and you can work from anywhere (I’m writing this from Seattle, but home base for me is Baltimore). While this kind of internship probably won’t count for course credit, I will pay you, you’ll have lots of freedom and independence, and you’ll learn a ton.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Performing research, lots of which will feel like cheating because it has to be done on Facebook and Twitter
  • Executing SEO tactics
  • Helping to keep track of client social media presences
  • Drafting content for social media and blogs (heads up, I’m a tough editor)
  • Coming up with bright ideas that I never could have thought of on my own
  • Catching typos
  • Loading and publishing blog posts and web content
  • Finding snarky images for blog posts
  • Assisting with email marketing campaigns
  • Diving into web analytics to help keep track of client progress

What you should know how to do already:

  • Learn voraciously
  • Write quickly and correctly
  • Manage your own time
  • Set realistic deadlines for yourself
  • Focus on details
  • Be honest
  • Solve problems on your own
  • Ask questions when it’s the most efficient
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

You’ll get bonus points for knowing how to use:

  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Mailchimp
  • HTML and CSS
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign

Some boring but necessary stuff:

  • You should be available for at least a few hours most days between 9-5
  • If you’re enrolled in college, great, but you can also show that you fit the bill in other ways
  • Ideally, you can commit to working for several months
  • You should be able to start in August (this is negotiable, could be sooner, could be later)


If you’d like to apply, please email a resume and a short note about why you’re the one for the job to tracyc@tracycgold.com. Fair warning: I might not be able to get back to everyone, but I will do my best.

Hint: do not start your email with “My name is.” I can see your name in my email header and in your signature. 

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