Tracy C. Gold


School Visits, Signings, and Workshops

I offer virtual and in-person school visits for students from preschool through middle school. PreK through second grade is my sweet spot. Right now I am focusing on virtual school visits and in-person visits within a 2-hour drive of Baltimore, Maryland, but I am open to discussing other possibilities. I am actively looking to donate visits to local Title I schools and I am working on programs to get a free copy of a book to every participating student at those schools. (If you have a non-profit or business who would be interested in helping, let me know!)

Reach out to me at tracycgold@gmail.com to start planning a visit!

My books are a great fit for STEM or STEAM curriculums, because they include scientific information about our ecosystem alongside fun art and rhyme. In “Hide and Seek, Nuts to Eat,” a squirrel hoards snacks for winter and is surprised when a few snacks they left behind turn into beautiful, yummy plants the next year. In “Trick or Treat, Bugs to Eat,” bats eat pesky bugs.

For the younger kids (preK through 2nd), I read my picture books, talk about what it’s like to be an author, and do a fun craft like coloring in and cutting out your own bat on a stick or making a bat fridge magnet. “Hide and Seek, Nuts to Eat” goes very well with fall harvest or spring seed planting activities, but can work any time. “Trick or Treat, Bugs to Eat” is great for schools that are interested in installing a bat box, which can be done any time. (Mosquito problem? Bats can help!) I can help facilitate that.

“Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby” and “Call Your Mother” appeal most to younger kids (preK and kindergarten) and are fun tools to include in discussions of the writing and publishing process for any age.

For older kids, I talk about researching, writing, revising, and publishing, as seen through the lens of my picture books. I love to inspire kids of all ages to look for the stories they might find in their everyday lives.

I am also happy to customize school visits.

I currently offer workshops about creative writing and publishing for any age range, drawing on my experience publishing short stories, essays, and poems, and working for a literary agent. I am happy to create custom workshops. Popular topics include plotting novels, querying agents, submitting short stories and essays to publications, and the revision process. Join my newsletter to be notified when registration for future courses go live.

Please contact me at tracycgold@gmail.com to start planning a workshop or visit!

Student Evaluation Highlights

“Tracy Gold created the perfect atmosphere and sense of community to nurture the class members as writers. The class was incredibly useful, practical, and inspiring.”

“Tracy was an amazing instructor and I looked forward to class every week.”

“Tracy was amazing, would love to have her teach this course again!”

“I just wanted to write a sincere thank you for teaching a fantastic course – online, no less. You were organized, thoughtful, had a good balance of weighing in and stepping back in conversation, shared an abundant amount of resources, and I think what I most appreciated was your honest approach to all things writing-related…I also appreciate the emphasis on the importance of marketing (which I never think about when writing poems), contracting, querying, social media, and the overall publishing landscape for authors.” 

On-Demand Classes

How to Write Rhyming Picture Books

How to Write Rhyming Picture Books
Photo by Sean Scheidt

Join this on-demand class to learn how to write rhyming picture books. The course includes video, text, and discussions.

Find more details and enroll on Thinkific.

The class is also available on Skillshare, though the discussion is more lively on Thinkific so far. If you are interested in taking classes from a variety of instructors (and maybe future classes for me, tbd), a subscription could be worthwhile. You should be able to search for your interests and see what’s available before deciding. A subscription is more expensive than the Thinkific class.

Use my referral link to sign up for a discount!

Through both methods, you can access a free preview video!

Beginner’s Guide to Writing and Publishing Picture Books

Writing and Publishing Picture Books: A Quick and Fun Beginner's Guide

This class goes through all the FAQs I get from new picture book writers, and then some!

Find more details and enroll on Thinkific.

Join Skillshare to access both classes, minus the community attached to them.

Fall 2023 Event Schedule

Free Videos and Webinars

Here are a few videos and webinars I have recorded.

“5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Writing,” recorded for Authority Magazine

“Professional Editors Fix and Polish Writing Extracts Submitted by Authors,” recorded with Reedsy

“How to Write Multiple POVs the ‘Game of Thrones Way” recorded with Reedsy

(Note, includes examples of violence found in “Game of Thrones,” not for small children)

Select Past Classes

“Writing a Brilliant First Page” Mini Virtual Class with Johns Hopkins Odyssey, April 2021, four sessions on Tuesday nights

“The Basics of Writing Picture Books” via Orange County Library System, Spring 2021

“Writing Your Novel,” 10-week online course, Fall 2020, via Johns Hopkins Odyssey program