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New Release Date for “Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby”

on February 12, 2021
Now releasing March 16, Everyone's Sleepy but the Baby

Well, publishing my debut in a pandemic has caught up to me. Due to shipping delays, “Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby” will now be releasing on March 16th, not March 2nd.

The GOOD NEWS is that I have two more weeks to reach my goal of donating a few hundred books to babies in need via ShareBaby! (I’m at 110 right now, spread the word and help me get to 300??)

If you ordered this book for a baby shower or any reason that makes it a pain that it’s delayed, please let me know! I will likely get my author copies closer to the original date and might be able to help you out.

Details about preordering (and signed copies via The Children’s Bookstore!) here: https://tracycgold.com/preorders/.

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