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“Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby”

My debut board book, Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby, is available for preorder! It comes out on April 13th, 2021 (delayed from the original launch due to pandemic shipping difficulties). I wrote this book when I was an exhausted new mom, and now I’m giving back!

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If you preorder a book and let me know, I will donate a book to ShareBaby, a Baltimore-based charity that gives baby items to families in need.

All you have to do is forward your preorder receipt to tcgpreorders@gmail.com and your preorder will be counted (or order through this Amazon affiliate link and I’ll know automatically). If you email, you should receive an automated response right away with a link to download a card you can print out or forward to explain the donation. Perfect for if you are gifting a book! I will also check the emails manually; if you preorder multiple copies, I will donate multiple copies.

The book is available for preorder most places where books can be bought, including local bookstores, where I am currently planning Covid-safe signing events, and hope to have goodies like stickers for customers both picking up and shipping books. No guarantees yet! Don’t wait to grab it when it comes out, though. It is looking like the first print run will be sold out quickly!

Signed Copies Available for Preorders Only

The Children’s Bookstore, 4717 Harford Road in Lauraville (Baltimore, MD): preorder via this direct link for pickup or delivery. Request a signed copy in the “order comments” and this store will mail it to you or hold it for pickup!

The Ivy Bookshop, 5928 Falls Road, Baltimore, MD: preorder at this direct link for pickup or delivery. Request a signed copy in the “order comments” and this store will mail it to you or hold it for pickup!

National Bookstores

Amazon: I am using an affiliate link to track sales here; your preorder will be AUTOMATICALLY counted with no need to send a receipt, but you still should so you can get the printable card about the donation I include in my auto response!

Barnes and Noble: Barnes and Noble allows reviews to be posted before launch, so you can see what a few early readers think of the book here!

Familius: My publisher is offering a buy-one get-one 50% off deal as I type this only for books bought on their site (code: BOGOFAM)




Local Bookstores

Charm City Books, 782 Washington Blvd in Pigtown: preorder at this direct link for pickup or delivery (local delivery is free!)

Greedy Reads, 320 West 29th Street in Remington: preorder at this direct link for pickup or delivery

Greedy Reads, 1744 Aliceanna Street in Fells Point: preorder at this direct link for pickup or delivery

You should also be able to find the book online via the website of local bookstores across the country, or call/email your favorite store to order.

“Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby” is a wonderful baby shower gift book or present for new parents, as well as a fun book to read with crawlers and toddlers. If you are looking for a gift on a specific date, I highly recommend preordering as it is likely the first print run will sell out.

You don’t even need to spend money to donate a book; I will also donate a book if you request that your local library purchase a copy. My daughter Ava and I love checking out books at our local branch of the Enoch Pratt and I would be so excited if families could check out my book, too. Just send proof of your request (a screenshot or picture is fine) to tcgpreorders@gmail.com. For Baltimoreans, here is the Enoch Pratt’s request form.

You can also add the book as “want to read” on Goodreads.

Preordering books gives authors a huge career boost. The best chance to hit bestseller lists is by having a ton of sales in the first week after a book publishes, and preorders count toward those first week sales.

Of course, there is a story behind why I’ve chosen to donate books to ShareBaby. After I gave birth, a program called The Family Tree sent a nurse to my house for free to check on our new family. Ava wasn’t gaining weight appropriately, and the nurse helped us with feeding and weighing her. She sat with me as I cried over the stress of raising a baby while recovering from a C-section, especially after my husband went back to work and left me home alone. It was wonderful to have a kind, knowledgable nurse visit in this isolated time. Along with a folder filled with parenting information, the nurse brought a bag of diapers, clothes, and books for us to keep. Those baby items came from ShareBaby.

I had financial resources and family help available to me when I had a newborn, and I still treasured the kindness of the nurse and the special treat of receiving clothes and books for myself and my baby. I was struggling immensely, and look back at that nurse’s visits as bright spots in a very dark time. I chose to give back to ShareBaby so other families can have those bright spots, too. Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby is in board book format, so it’s perfect for the littlest babies to read with their family.

The book comes out on April 13th. When you receive it, I would love for you to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or wherever you purchased it. Reviews are crucial for helping an author build a career!

Praise for Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby

“My new favorite bedtime read, EVERYBODY’S SLEEPY BUT THE BABY has it all: pleasant rhyme and rhythm, cute illustrations, a plot every parent can relate to, and most important at bedtime, brevity! I smiled the whole way through.”
Amanda Rawson Hill, author of “You’ll Find Me”

“With the gentle, rhythmic cadence of classics like Goodnight Moon and fun art featuring frazzled parents, Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby is perfect for the modern (sleepy) parent to lull their little one at bedtime.”
June Smalls, author of She Leads: The Elephant Matriarch

“It’s a scene familiar to any exhausted parent: everyone is drowsy, sleepy, ready to hit the hay—except the baby, who is wide awake! As the parents, the dog, and even the toys wind down for the night, the baby wants to play, scrub-a-dub, and coo. Gold’s gentle, rhythmic text and Dafflon’s bright and lively illustrations combine for a perfect bedtime read for sleepy parents and (eventually) sleepy babies. Bonus: it’s just the right length for that ‘one last bedtime story’ that sets the mood for sleep. I am looking forward to adding it to my go-to baby shower gift list.”
Kathy MacMillan, children’s librarian and author of Nita’s First Signs and Nita’s Day

“Trick or Treat, Bugs to Eat”

My debut hardcover picture book is also available for preorder, but I’m still working on the details! It’s coming out from Sourcebooks eXplore on August 1, 2021 and you can preorder it on a few online retailers so far.

"Trick or Treat, Bugs to Eat": Halloween book by Tracy C. Gold

For this one, yes, I will be donating to bat conservation efforts, but for the preorder, I am mailing out sticker sheets! I don’t have them designed yet but trust me, with Nancy Leschnikoff‘s adorable illustrations of all things Halloween, they are going to be SO CUTE!

Fill out this form so I can send you some sticker sheets if you preorder! No receipt needed; I trust you. Library requests count too.

Signed copies are available for preorders only via:

The Children’s Bookstore: preorder for pickup or delivery (link to the book on their site). Simply let them know whom you’d like it signed for if you are calling or write it in the “order comments” online. Address: 4717 Harford Road in Lauraville (Baltimore, MD), 410-532-2000

The Ivy Bookshop: 5928 Falls Road, Baltimore, MD: preorder at this direct link for pickup or delivery. Request a signed copy in the “order comments” and this store will mail it to you or hold it for pickup!

An adorable rhyming Halloween book with educational nonfiction elements woven in, perfect for classrooms and libraries!

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me lots of BUGS to eat! Follow along as a young bat takes flight on Halloween night and eats lots of delicious bugs along the way! Includes educational backmatter with lots of fun facts about bats and their favorite insects.”

National Retailers:

Amazon (affiliate link)



Barnes & Noble

Add it as “want to read” on Goodreads

If you are a book reviewer, book seller, or librarian, both books are available for request on Edelweiss!