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Recent Publications: Opinion on Public Housing Corruption, Two Stories, and Craft Article

on November 13, 2015

I have been busy this fall with Pitch Wars, teaching college composition, and working on my MFA thesis. Somewhere in there, a few of my pieces have been published, and I’m tardy about posting them here. Without further ado, here they are, in reverse chronological order!

“Sextortion as Institutionalized Oppression”: My rant in What Weekly about the disturbing allegations that two Baltimore Public Housing maintenance men forced women into sexual acts in order to receive basic maintenance, and how conditions in Public Housing projects tie into other problems in Baltimore.

“Accident” published in THE FEMALE COMPLAINT: The story that inspired my Pitch Wars novel is now available in a feminist anthology from Shade Mountain Press.

“Parker” published in The Stoneslide Corrective: Honorable mention in The Stoneslide Story Contest, “Parker” is about a woman who must confront her grief for her late father in order to handle an emergency on her horse farm.

“43 Words and Phrases to Search for While Polishing Your Novel” published in Adventures in YA Publishing: This craft article covers words to kill in order to make your prose sing.


That’s it, for now! I hope you enjoy any of the works you choose to dive into!

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